Taste our homemade savours, prepared with love and high quality for our guests, just like we would cook to our beloved ones!

Chef Offers


Duck liver in its own fat, onion marmalade, toast 2690 HUF

Sirloin tartar with garden greens and toast 2890 HUF

Cold cuts selection from the larder with horsera dish on the side 1990 HUF

Hortobágyi style meat pancake 1390 HUF


Beef soup with jumbo-size semolina

dumplings 1290 HUF

...accompanied by cooked oxtail with horsera dishon the side 790 HUF

Bean soup with pork leg and smoked sausages 1590 HUF

Beef goulash with handmade fresh noodles 1590 HUF


Chicken fried in homemade breadcrumbs 1890 HUF

Grilled chicken steak 1890 HUF

Farm chicken paprika with homemade fresh galuska noodles 2790 HUF

Classic chicken Caesar salad 2290 HUF


Pork tenderloin ala Brassói 2990 HUF

Layered potatoes fresh from the oven with sour cream on top 2290 HUF


“MG MINI” (15 decagram) Beef tenderloin a la Chef (brown sauce, duck liver rillettes, mushrooms) 4990 HUF

„MG MAXI” (25 decagram) Beef tenderloin a la Chef (brown sauce,duck liver rillettes ,mushrooms) 6990 HUF

Beef stew with freshly made galuska noodles 2990 HUF


Chicken burger, sweet potato fries salad 2690 HUF


Duck burger (duck meat cuts, ruccola, blue cheese) sweet potato fries, salad 2990 HUF


Grey catfish stew with bacon-wrapped cottage cheese pasta 3490 HUF

Breaded grey catfish whit marinated potatoes and fresh salad 2990 HUF


Grilled goat cheese sprinkled with honeyed pumpkin-seed and fresh salad 2290 HUF

Walnut battered camembert with blueberry marmalade 1990 HUF

Oven-cooked cottage cheese pasta with diced bacon and sour cream 1990 HUF


Mákos guba (Oven-cooked poppy seed bread whit apricot jam or vanilla pudding) 1290 HUF

“MG” Guba (Oven-cooked poppy seed bread whit strawberry dressing) 1290 HUF

Pancakes( apricot jam, cocoa, cottage cheese, nutella, cinnamon) 290 HUF/pcs

Somló-styles ponge cake with chocolate and walnut 990 HUF


Fresh salad with dressing of your choice (olive oil or dill yogurt) 990 HUF

Homemade potato puree 790 HUF

Jasmine rice 690 HUF

French fries 690 HUF

Steak fries 690 HUF

Homemade fresh galuska noodles 690 HUF

Grilled vegetables 990 HUF


Leavened cucumber 590 HUF

Pickled pepper 590 HUF

Gherkins 590 HUF

Homemade cabbage salad 590 HUF

Homemade cucumber salad 590 HUF

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If you would love to try our homemade delicacies

We offer home delivery all around the I. district, and in certain areas of II. XI. XII. district.

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